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Mother and Baby

Pelvic/Core Training

Whether you're a new mom or a grandmom, if you're dealing with pelvic floor or core issues, you need to fix how you move, how you load your pelvic floor and how you handle intra-abdominal pressure. That's where I come in.


No more band-aids. We'll stop pain and dysfunction at the source.

Improve your function in daily life and in athletic pursuits.


Don't worry about making appointments, train from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.

Trust your own body again.


What Happened During Pregnancy?

  • Your organs were squished and moved around

  • Your diaphragm (breathing muscle) was pushed way up and likely stopped working properly

  • Your ribs spread apart to make room for your baby (this effects diaphragm function)

  • Your abs had to stretch BIG TIME

  • Your pelvic floor had to handle tremendous amounts of pressure on it from a growing baby and stretching/tearing from delivery (even a c-section, the pelvic floor can still take a beating)

  • Your back muscles had to overcompensate and tighten to make up for the lack of abs and handle the extra front weight

  • Between pregnancy, nursing and holding kids, your great posture went out the window


What Can We Do About It?

  1. Start with breathing. Yes, breathing. We'll get the diaphragm working correctly to help move your organs back in place, get your abs firing correctly, and strengthen your pelvic floor.

  2. Get your core to work correctly, which will get your ribs to move back down. Your abdomen will return to its rightful size and tension will decrease in your low back muscles.

  3. Improve your posture to help everything come together.

Pelvic Floor

Leaking is common but it's not normal, no matter what you've heard. The pelvic floor is so much more than you think. As the foundation of your body, it creates strength and stability that you need to keep moving without thinking twice. Sneeze, laugh, cough, jump, and move worry free. Restore your body so that you can do what you want, when you want. No more missing out on your life.

Diastasis Recti

What is it? When the front abdominal muscle gaps or separates in the middle.

Why is it bad? When the gap is too big or squishy it prevents the core from effectively transferring load (something we do constantly throughout the day, especially if you have kids). This can result in back pain, hip instability and sub-optimal physical performance. You can have a strong core, but that doesn't mean it's working correctly.


7 Pillars to a Great Core and Pelvic Floor

  1. A Strong & Functional Pelvic Floor

  2. Solid Posture

  3. Diaphragm-Pelvic Floor Connection

  4. Core and Pressure Regulation

  5. Strong Glutes

  6. Hips that Function Correctly

  7. Foot and Arch Strength

We'll work our way down the list to ensure your body is functioning at optimal levels, no matter what your goals.


How Can You Train with Me?

You can train from anywhere using e-mail communication or live Zoom meetings. If you live in or near Great Falls, I can meet with you in-person, in your own home. Call or e-mail me with questions and for pricing.

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